The Educational Technology, Research, and Assessment (ETRA) Department, a dynamic and collaborative community of scholars, is dedicated to responsible research and reflective practice to promote innovative learning environments and improved learning outcomes for all learners. The ETRA Department serves graduate students in the College of Education with three degree programs including MSEd in Instructional Technology, PhD in Instructional Technology, various CGS and state entitlement and endorsement programs, and an MS in Educational Research and Evaluation, as well as a Bachelor of Science degree completion program in Applied Management with an emphasis on Instructional Technology, Training & Evaluation (BSAM-ITTE).

Cohort Programs

Online Accelerated M.S.Ed. in Instructional Technology with Technology Specialist

Ph.D. Cohort in Instructional Technology

Online Master's Cohort Program in ERE to launch in Summer 2016

Upcoming Events

Monday October 24, 2016, 4:15 pm, Gabel Hall Learning Center North

ETRA department's Graduate Student's Association (GSA) hosts Graduate School Colloquium


TS7: Awarded Master's Degree, earning a TS Specialist certification at an accelerated pace, primarily online, now in progress.

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ETRA Learn-IT Annual Conference 2016 Successfully Held!

More than 100 participants gathered for the one-day event to explore tools and strategies for integrating technology for learning and assessment in meaningful ways. All workshop info and materials are now available at the conference site.

Learn IT 2016 conference